First « Make a WISH », from Monaco to Lebanon

First « Make a WISH », from Monaco to Lebanon

Over the last few weeks, the wellknown and tested Make a WISH to the Order of Malta” project was launched in Monaco. The attentive and effective Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta to Lebanon, H.E. Maria Emerica Cortese, seized the opportunity and sent us her ”WISH” (attached letter).

The target of this “WISH” is to provide – through the Association of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Lebanon – balanced and nutritious meals, adapted to the specific needs of people in difficulty and provide access to drinking water for the elderly who go to the Foyers Chaleureux in Lebanon.

The complete and detailed project is available in the annex.

The Embassy, whose new Diplomats were recently appointed by the Sovereign Council, immediately carefully evaluated the project to approve and support it.

Within the necessary technical/banking timeframe, we will send to the Lebanese Association of the Order of Malta the support requested for this project which, in this difficult international context, deserves great attention.

To give an idea of the general situation in Lebanon, on 1st February 2024, 86,665 people (52% women) have been displaced from South Lebanon due to ongoing hostilities along the Blue Line.

On the socio-economic front, the country’s currency has lost about 95% of its value, banks froze the savings of most depositors and more than 80% of the population fell below the poverty line and 36% below the extreme poverty line, while 90% of Syrian refugees fail to cover their basic needs.


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