Monaco MouseTrap Car Grand Prix 2024

Parmi les élèves de l’école "Ruđer Bošković" de Belgrade, Marko Biško et Mia Fabjan, l’Ambassadeur Alberto di Luca, et à droite leur professeur, Ilija Alandžak.

We receive from the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta to the Republic of Serbia, an informal note that informs us of the great satisfaction of the «team» of Belgrade who participated in “the MouseTrap Car Grand Prix” in the Principality of Monaco from May 11th to 14th.

The “Make a WISH to the Order of Malta for Education” project was organized in collaboration with the “Monaco MouseTrap Car Race” (https:/// and is part of the larger project “Make a WISH to the Order of Malta”.

This educational project, in particular, is aimed at high school students to promote Science and Engineering with a fun race that provides for the design, construction and competition of “motorized” model cars from a real mouse trap.

The project of the Embassy of the Order of Malta, in collaboration with the “Mouse TrapCar Race”, is part of one of the missions of the Sovereign Order of Malta and with the United Nations 2020 Agenda Nations: “eliminate gender inequalities and promote access to education and training, even for the most vulnerable, by ensuring that young people acquire sufficient and consolidated basic language and mathematical skills.

In the picture above: Among the students of the school “Ruđer Bošković” in Belgrade, Marko Biško and Mia Fabjan, Ambassador Alberto di Luca, and on the right their teacher, Ilija Alandžak.

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